Mark Burstein

Mark is a Research Fellow and director of SIFT's Boston regional office in Lexington Ma.

He is co-PI (with David McDonald) of SIFT's CLIC (project in DARPA's Communicating with Computers program (2015-2020) that is developing the reasoning system for a multi-domain dialog system, being tested in both biocuration and in blocks world. With Prof. James Pustejovsky (Brandeis) and Prof. Brent Cochran (Tufts Medical School)

Past Projects (at SIFT)

Mark led SIFT's R3 (Reading, Reasoning, Remembering) project in DARPA's Big Mechanism program (2014-2018), which used automated semantic natural language processing to build models of chemical pathways involved in cancer.

He was also Principal Investigator for SIFT's STRATUS project in DARPA's MRC program (2012-2016), which is applying AI planning and plan recognition technologies to address cyber-security issues for cloud-based computing.

Past Projects (at BBN Technologies)